Saving Solution

Cost Comparison

LED CFL Incandescent Light Bulb
Light bulb projected lifespan 50,000 hrs 10,000 hrs 1,200 hrs
Watts per bulb (Equivalent to 60watts) 10 14 60
Cost per bulb $35.95 (USD) $3.95 (USD) $1.25 (USD)
KW/h of electricity used over 50,000 hrs 500 700 3000
Cost of electricity (@0.10¢ per KW/h) $50 (USD) $70 (USD) $300 (USD)
Bulbs needed for 50,000 hrs of use 1 5 42
Equivalent 50,000 hrs bulb expense $35.95 (USD) $19.75 (USD) $52.50 (USD)
Total cost for 50,000 hrs $85.75 (USD) $89.75 (USD) $352.50 (USD)
Example: Energy Savings over 50,000 hrs, assuming 25 bulbs per household
LED CFL Incandescent Light Bulb
Total cost for 25 bulbs $2143.75 (USD) $2243.75 (USD) $8812.5 (USD)
Savings to household by switching from Incandescents $6668.75 (USD) $6568.75 (USD) $0 (USD)
- Cost of electricity will vary. The figures used above are for comparison only, and are not exacted. Residential energy costs among the various states range from 0.285¢ (Hawaii) to 0.063¢ (Idaho) per KW/h.
- The cost per bulb for LEDs may vary. We used the figure of USD $35.95 (for a 60Watt equivalent LED bulbs) as an average among lighting retailers.
- Estimates of bulb lifespan are projected, since it would take about 6 years of continuous lighting to test. Some manufacturers claim the new LED bulbs will last up to 25 years under normal household use, but this is not proven.
- Bulb breakage and bulb replacement costs have not been factored into this comparison chart. Incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs are more easily broken than LEDs, which increases their cost of use.
- Most LEDs come with a minimum 2-year guarantee. Any defective LED bulb will usually fail within this time.